Valley FCCLA hosts safe driving program

FACTS- Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety

FACTS - Danielle

FACTS - Ismael


Valley FCCLA recently hosted a safe driving program presented by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension with support from TexDot. The two FCCLA members that attended the Peer Education workshop last October learned about this program and they were excited that the program would be able to come to Valley. The entire high school student body listened to a presentation about safe driving, the hazards of texting and driving and impaired driving.

Set up around the edge of the room were two driving simulators, bean bag tosses, and a virtual reality goggles. All the students had an opportunity to put on impaired driving goggles and try to drive through a course on the simulator. At the other simulator, each person put on a pair of goggles and then the people around him tried to distract him while he was on the simulator by shouting to change the music, to answer the phone, to listen to their loud music, to turn around and look at them. Wearing the goggles while trying to toss a bean bag meant that many of the bean bags went totally wild to the left or right or even right at another person! While wearing the virtual reality goggles, you felt like you were in the car as it rolled and saw the dummy get thrown out of the vehicle. It was so realistic that some people still felt like their world was spinning even after they took the goggles off.

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