4B Electric brings needed service to Turkey

Local family starts electrical service for Turkey and surrounding area


Bringing a new trade to Turkey, Cody Barclay and 4B Electric have added a much needed service to the area. In such a rural area, some services are hard to find, and electrical work used to be one of them. Cody has brought it local.

Cody Barclay, licensed electrician, and his wife Mandie.

Running a family-owned and operated business was the natural step for Cody, an electrician with 19 years of experience, when he began to feel that he’d gained all he could from the bigger corporations he was trained in. Starting out as an apprentice, Cody began his journey at D.E. Rice Construction, in Borger, Texas. He was an apprentice for two and a half years before moving on to get his license. He stayed on as an electrician with D.E. for another five years.

His next step was a bigger company, and he began building gas plants and working as an Automations Tech. From there, he moved on up to Supervisor.

After 19 years of the hustle and bustle, the politics, the time away, Cody decided that he was ready to come back home. He loves what he does, but the corporate version of it was no longer a good fit, so he decided to make his training and talent available to those in our area instead.

4B Electric was born just a few months ago, a true example of the family-owned, family-operated small-town business that this area needs more of. “Family is key,” Cody says of what makes a business like this thrive.

Cody, along with his wife Mandie, who you all know from the Turkey Post Office, rebuilt an office building downtown on Main Street, next to Pat Carson’s Insurance Office. Cody offers a variety of services, and Mandie takes care of the books. Their sons, Lane and Ashton, are both interested in the electrical field, and both work for 4B. Also working with them is Bob Hernandez.

Ashton, a recent graduate of Valley, lives in Turkey and works with Cody full-time. Lane lives in Quitaque, with his wife Baylie and sons Maddox and Paxton, and works for 4B in between his other work. Cody and Mandie hope that someday the boys can step in and take over this journey. They’re not building a business. They’re building a legacy to hand down to family.

4B is available for all kinds of electrical needs, including surge protection, wiring replacement and repair, underground service upgrades or installation, ceiling fan and light fixtures replacement and repair, equipment hook-ups and circuits, fire repairs, panel replacement and repair, A/C and heating circuits, commercial and industrial maintenance, fuse and breakers, phone and computer wiring, indoor and outdoor lighting, load analysis, troubleshooting, and more.

You can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/4belectric/.

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  1. David Myers on April 27, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Congratulations to the Barclay family, best of luck on your new business.

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