Author L.M. Smith chronicles adventures of ‘Cappy’

Author L.M. Smith chronicles adventures of ‘Cappy’

New book follows one capybara’s exploration beyond his home


COPPELL, Texas – Author L.M. Smith carves her mark in the literary world with the release of “Cappy” (published by Xlibris). This captivating tale teaches children the value of obedience.

Cappy was a very adventurous capybara. He always wanted to see what was outside his pen. One day, he convinced his sister, Carol, to go explore. It was indeed a very exciting adventure when a storm washed a hole under the fence. Along the way, he learned valuable lessons that will teach him the importance of heeding his parents’ warnings.

An excerpt from the book:

Cappy loved his family and where he lived, but he said, “I want an adventure.” One night, there was a terrible storm, with rain coming down and washing things away. While Cappy was exploring the next morning, he found a big hole washed under the fence that went around his pen.

A charming and engaging read, “Cappy” tells a fascinating story about capybaras that will tickle the readers’ imagination. It showcases well-drawn characters and real-life photographs of this fascinating animal.



By L.M. Smith

Hardcover | 8.5×8.5in | 30 pages | ISBN 9781524585532

Softcover | 8.5×8.5in | 30 pages | ISBN 9781524585525

E-Book | 30 pages | ISBN 9781524585518

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About the Author

L.M. Smith has retired. She moved to the country and raised exotic animals.

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