Drug addiction in US: Affecting three times in number, one may think

Drug addiction in US: Affecting three times in number, one may think

Anastasia Wynne reveals her journey in ‘Trying to Stop Someone from Abusing Drugs • Alcohol’

BLOOMINGTON — Prince, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, are names everyone knows who have lost their lives to addiction, but there are over 27,000,000 Americans out of the headlines losing their lives to drugs, and an average of three loved ones to every addict losing their lives along with them.

Anastasia Wynne deals with this topic head on and offers, through her own story, how quickly someone trying to prevent someone else’s drug use, sees their own health, finances and rational mind all spin out of control without even realizing what is happening. “I can’t count the number of times, I found myself in a seedy area of town or the red lights and stop signs I blindly ran, while looking to find my partner. Looking back, it’s horrifying to think that anyone of those times I could have been killed, beaten, raped or accidently hit an innocent bystander driving my car.”

“Trying to Stop Someone from Abusing Drugs • Alcohol” (published by Balboa Press) takes a different perspective on being a codependent. Wynne states, “Learning boundaries, working to focus on myself and breaking patterns, wasn’t enough. My addiction didn’t seem to be taken as serious as his, even though at times I was just as much at risk of dying as he was. There was a mixed message of: focus on your recovery, but still be there to support him when he gets clean. This underlying message caused me to relapse over and over again.” Wynne’s illustrates in her book, how after trying for years to recover through traditional means, she finally found the strength to break free when she worked the same abstinence recovery principles she learned while trying to help her partner.

Today Wynne is now dedicated to offering her compassion, and lessons she learned to help others suffering as she did to break free. “My hope is there would be at least one thing from my journey that could assist readers to help themselves, while also gaining knowledge that could help their loved ones recover from this disease.”


“Trying to Stop Someone from Abusing Drugs • Alcohol”

By Anastasia Wynne

Hardcover | 5.5×8.5in | 160 pages | ISBN 9781504368421

Softcover | 5.5×8.5in | 160 pages | ISBN 9781504368407

E-Book | 160 pages | ISBN 9781504368414

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