Kola Anthony Scott, II, announces publication of debut book

New memoir showcases author’s works and life

Kola Anthony Scott, II, announces publication of debut book


HOUSTON – Divided into two sections, “Pieces of Life: Memoir and Selected Works” (published by Lulu) shares both the writings of Kola Anthony Scott, II, and stories from his life.

Several pieces that comprise the body of works section were created by Scott when he developed The Maclowe Actor’s Guild in New York City. Many of them were inspired by novice actors that came to auditions without a monologue; after speaking to them Scott would develop a monologue especially for that actor. Scott describes the writings as about “average people in awkward situations.” Similarly, the back story section consists of several short vignettes that shares bits and pieces about Scott, his life and his memories.

Scott says, “While ‘Pieces of Life’ is a memoir and an artistic body of works, it is also a book that will open many valuable discussions. I sincerely hope to reach your heart as well as your thoughts.”

An excerpt from “Conviction” in “Pieces of Life”:

One night at a seemingly deserted bar I told a man sitting not too far from me that I would buy him a beer if he told me a story. He looked up from his empty glass and said, “Sometimes in life you have nothing left to offer but your own story.” There was no doubt he had cuddled more than a few drinks. The bartender gave him a tall, chilled glass of beer. The man continued, “I am going to tell you why I killed her.”


“Pieces of Life”

By Kola Anthony Scott, II

Softcover | 6.13 x 9.21 in | 98 pages | ISBN 9781483461052

E-Book | 98 pages | ISBN 9781483461069

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Kola Anthony Scott, II, was born in the small town of Ubina, Texas, in 1958. He had always wanted to be an actor. However, he was 29 before he attended his first audition. That audition allowed Scott an opportunity to work with the Western Stage Theatre Company in Salinas, California. He later studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Today, Scott is an actor, writer, producer and director in Houston.

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