New book follows story of one equine as he learns lessons, experiences adventures

Author Caroline V. Barthen debuts with ‘Growing Up Tobey’

New book follows story of one equine as he learns lessons, experiences adventures


WEATHERFORD, Texas – Inspired by her real-life horse that she raised, author Caroline V. Barthen’s “Growing Up Tobey” (published by Balboa Press) chronicles one horse’s first year of life, told from his point of view.

In this short story, Tobey shares with readers some of his greatest adventures that happened in his first year of life. He also learns a lot of important life lessons that he imparts to readers – from learning how to be a functioning part of society and dealing with loses to discovering how to love. His is a journey filled with valuable messages about love, growing up and learning for one’s betterment.

Barthen’s love for horses shines in her writing. She hopes to inspire and encourage readers in learning everything they can as they grow up. “It shows that no matter what species you are, you still have to learn the same lessons and you will have some losses in your life,” she says. “But that’s okay to learn from them, be happy and spread love no matter what.”

An excerpt from the book:

I guess as far as beginnings go, mine was not much different than everyone else’s in this world. My birthdate is May 11, 2001. I was born around six in the morning, and by the way, I’m a horse. An American Paint Horse to be exact. My name is Tobey, but my friends call me “the toad”. Don’t ask me why, I have no clue!


“Growing Up Tobey”

By Caroline V. Barthen

Softcover | 8.5×8.5in | 28 pages | ISBN 9781504369084

E-Book | 28 pages | ISBN 9781504369091

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Caroline V. Barthen has always had a deep love for horses and all animals, and she is always striving to learn more about them. She has been involved in many different facets of the equine industry and she hopes to share some of that knowledge through Tobey and her other characters.

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