Shaun Chapman releases new sci-fi novel, ‘Solar Princess’

Shaun Chapman releases new sci-fi novel, ‘Solar Princess’

Age-old fight of good versus evil is given unique twist with space adventures

CARROLLTON, Texas – Shaun Chapman returns to the publishing scene with a new science fiction novel featuring the adventures of the “Solar Princess” (published by Xlibris). The age-old fight of good versus evil is given a unique and fresh twist, backed with space voyages, and depicts the indomitable power of love even across galaxies.

Kel, who hails from South Africa, is a scientist and inventor who builds a quantum-wave-drive, a faster-than-light propulsion system. Princess Solal is a beautiful other-worldly princess and heiress to the throne of a galactic empire. Their lives will soon be woven together as they face odds and attempt to defeat a supreme power with evil intentions for all who reside in the Milky Way.

A snippet from the book reads:

He storms into the cockpit with fire in his eyes. “What a lousy joke! You know you could have told me, and anyway, why build a spaceship that looks like a barn?”

Kel turns to look back at him. “I just figured it wouldn’t create any unwanted attention,” says Kel, smiling wanly and turning in the pilot’s seat to look at him.

“Oh, and I suppose a hundred bloodthirsty aliens don’t count?” questions Jerry in a loud, sarcastic voice.

Chapman emphasizes in the lessons of “Solar Princess”: “That love, even though separated by innumerable light years distance cannot be denied, no matter where you are in the universe or what race of beings you come from. That good will always triumph over those full of greed and evil. And that even someone from humble beginnings can overcome any obstacle, whether on Earth or in space, to save a galactic empire.”

Captivating and thrilling, this novel is “oriented in good storytelling.” “Solar Princess – Princess Solal” stimulates the imagination and makes the reader eager for more.


“Solar Princess”

By Shaun Chapman

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 166 pages | ISBN 9781514482674

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 166 pages | ISBN 9781514482667

E-Book | 166 pages | ISBN 9781514482650

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Shaun Chapman is a committed conservationist and the chairman and founder of RAPTOR, an anti-poaching organization. He is the author of the Rocky Adventure series, the James Spillaney Detective series, and many other titles. “Chapman’s 2010 Theory of Alternating Crustal Displacement and the Torque Wrench Effect” is his brainchild and answers many scientific, mythological and theological questions asked by man for thousands of years. He was born in Wales and spent the rest of his life all over the globe, including in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. He is a citizen of the Earth who has studied a vast spectrum – psychology, geology, and pure and applied mathematics. He has a love of the martial arts, being a black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate and an exponent of both Kendo and Jeet Kune Do. At present, he is focusing on a series of environmental education books for RAPTOR and a TV series on conservation. He is also the editor of RAPTOR: Leader of the Earthwize Generation, an online environmental magazine.

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