Shattered Dreams held in Silverton

Shattered Dreams

Molly Forman

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Briscoe County partnered with Silverton High School to implement the Shattered Dreams program on October 19th and 20th.

The Shattered Dreams program targets students 9-12 grades. It started Thursday morning with living dead students, which were pulled out of class every 10 minutes, to signify the number of youth injured or killed in alcohol related and distracted driving crashes every day. 

The mock crash scene was a dramatization of an alcohol-related two-car crash on the Silverton High School campus, complete with a crash team consisting of six high school students, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Silverton ISD, Silverton Volunteer Fire Department, Briscoe County Sherriff’s Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, TxDOT, Silverton EMS, Kornerstone Funeral Home, LIFESTAR, and Justice of the Peace.

During the crash scene, one student was arrested for drinking and driving. After the crash scene, the drunk driver and several students were taken to the Tulia jail to see the process of someone being booked into jail.

The mock trial was carried out at the Briscoe County Courthouse. District Judge Bill Smith presided, while District Attorney Wade Jackson and County Attorney Emily Teagarden played out the trial part of the program. All Silverton High school students were able to watch the process of someone being on trial for intoxicated manslaughter.

   Friday morning, the Shattered Dreams program continued with a memorial service honoring all the living dead students and the wreck victims. Also, DPS officer Dan Buesing, from Wichita Falls, provided a program for the high school students that outlined the laws of underage drinking, and drinking and driving. He also covered the dangers and laws that surround distracted driving.

We hope this program educated Silverton High School Students and our community on the dangers of driving under the influence and distracted driving. Sponsors of the program were Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Silverton Volunteer Fire Department, Silverton EMS, Texas Department of Public Safety, Briscoe County Sheriff Department, Briscoe County Justice of the Peace, 110th District Judge, 110th District Attorney, Briscoe County Attorney, Kornerstone Funeral Directors, Lifestar, TxDot, Silverton SHAC Committee, Silverton ISD, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Rock Creek Church of Christ, Brown McMurtry, Silverton Oil Company, Johnson Gin, D & K Manufacturing, Fleming Well Service, Fairmont Baptist Church,  B& B Crop Insurance, Briscoe Market Place, Happy State Bank, Silvercot Gin, Rank and Toy Cogdell, and Rowdy’s  Night Owl Expresso.

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