Harvest Festival Will Feature Jack and Deb Stone

Harvest Festival Will Feature Jack and Deb Stone


Jack and Deb Stone of Muleshoe will be the highlight of the FUMC Matador Harvest Festival Sunday. Pastor Chuck Harrison invites everyone to come enjoy the music, message, and great home-cooked meal.

Jack and Deb Stone will be the highlight of the Harvest Festival service Sunday at 11 a.m. at First United Methodist Church in Matador.

The community is invited to enjoy the music and message of these talented vocalists, which will be followed by dinner in the Fellowship Hall.  The meal will feature turkey and delicious accompaniments prepared by the wonderful cooks of FUMC.

Five-time nominee for male vocalist and duo of the year with the Artists Music Guild, Jack and Deb enjoy singing Southern Gospel.

Jack Stone grew up in West Texas as a preacher’s kid. At the age of 28, he began pastoring along with his wife, Deb, and their three children.

He began his singing career in 1994. As a strong vocalist, he has been given many opportunities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jack has made several appearances on Primetime Christian Broadcasting in Midland. He has also appeared on many affiliate stations of the Trinity Broadcasting Networks (TBN) in Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Houston, Harlingen, San Antonio, Phoenix, and also in South Africa. He was a guest on “Hallelujah, Amen” television show in Nashville. He appeared in Santa Fe on KCHF TV as the music singing guest. In 2007, he appeared at the Gibson Cafe Showcase in Nashville, and he has opened in prayer and sang on the General Jackson Riverboat in Nashville. Jack has six recorded projects, and he has written a couple of the songs on these projects.

In March of 2007, Jack released his first single nationwide entitled Jesus Is Enough, written by Russ Murphy, who was the New Artist of the Year for 2007 and Song Writer of the Year for 2008. This single went to number 16 on the Christian Country Music Charts in August of 2007. In September of 2007, Jack took a step of faith and launched out into full-time music ministry.

After pastoring in Muleshoe for 11 1/2 years, Jack says the Lord changed directions in his ministry. Since leaving the pastorate, he has seen 280 decisions for Christ. In April of 2008, Jack had the opportunity to go to Nashville to re-record the song Jesus is Enough with Gene Higgins as his producer.

He is the founder of Top Shelf Ministries, Inc. and has developed a popular silicone wristband that reads “Stretch Your Faith.”



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