Duane Charles ‘D.C.’ Wright

Duane Charles ‘D.C.’ Wright

February 4, 1933 – January 4, 2018


A good man has passed. A husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, a brother and a friend.

Duane led a life of service and devotion. He served his country with distinction in the army during the Korean War. Duane’s devotion to his wife, Georgia Ann Wright, and his family was constant and unwavering. Duane and Georgia were married for over fifty years and he credited her with their success and happiness as a family as well as his success at becoming a better person for having her in his life. Duane was also a humble servant of the Lord. He spent many fruitful years in fellowship at the Ramble Lane Church of Christ. Duane truly loved this fellowship and was one of it’s elders. His relationship with the Lord was well found and he had no doubt of the reward that awaited him. Duane’s family experienced a full measure of life’s vagaries and he was there each time helping any way he could. Duane had an optimism in the face of adversity that time and again served as a comfort to those in need.

Duane loved the outdoors. He was a little league baseball coach, a Boy Scout leader, a hunter and an avid fisherman. The time Duane spent fishing with his family, his sons, his grandsons, his friends, were some of the most peaceful and happiest of his life. Duane also loved golf and played as often as he could for as long as he was able.

Duane worked tirelessly to the benefit of others. He did this through charity and kindness to strangers, through his work within the church and through his never-ending devotion to his family in all things. In particular, Duane loved his association with a local Childern’s Home. He took considerable satisfaction in the knowledge that he had made the children’s lives a little better, a little easier.

Duane was born in Quincy, Illinois and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He called Texas his home for the majority of his life.

This brief recitation does not do justice to a life loved and well lived. Nor can it remotely encapsulate the admiration, respect, goodwill and love felt by those of us who Duane touched.

Duane was preceded in death by his father Philip, his mother Virginia, his brother Ronald and his daughter Kimberly. Duane is survived by his wife Georgia Ann, his sons David Charles and Spencer, his daughter Kathleen, his stepsons Gary and David Lusk, his grandchildren Michael, Chad, Cassandra, Jason, Drey, Garrett, Matthew, Drew, Campbell, Owen, his great granddaughter Aeila and too many good friends to name.

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