Telepharmacy to open at Cogdell Clinic in Silverton

Telepharmacy to open at Cogdell Clinic in Silverton


Hometown Pharmacy will be opening a telepharmacy inside the Cogdell Clinic Briscoe County at 701 Commerce Street in Silverton, Texas on Tuesday, May 01, 2018.

The telepharmacy is a new concept in Texas that was approved for 2018. Hometown Pharmacy (of Lockney) is the first telepharmacy to open in the state of Texas outside of the state’s pilot project. The telepharmacy is much like a traditional pharmacy as you take your prescription in person, or have your doctor submit the prescription electronically to the telepharmacy, and then pick up your medications at the telepharmacy. The only difference is how the pharmacist interacts with the prescription and patients.

The pharmacist will be located at the host pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy in Lockney, Texas, and will verify that the pharmacy technician filled the correct medication using pictures and video. The pharmacist will then communicate with the patient during pickup using video conferencing software that the pharmacy technician at the telepharmacy will assist with.

The purpose of telepharmacy is to reach the remote rural communities that currently do not have local access to a pharmacy, which alleviates the need to travel long distances, or the need for mail service to utilize pharmacy services.

There are a lot of benefits gained from having routine interactions between the patient and pharmacist, such as finding potential drug interactions, side effects, needed (or not needed) medications.

Hometown Pharmacy looks forward to extending their relationship with the Cogdell Clinic and patients in Silverton.


Business Hours (follows clinic hours):

Monday – Thursday 8:00a – 5:00p

Friday 8:00a – 5:00p (will be closed Fridays during summer along with clinic)

Phone: (806) 823-2109

Pharmacist: Brant Guthrie

Pharmacy Technician: Holley Poole

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