Section of USS Arizona to travel our section of I-27



On Saturday, June 30, UPS will deliver an 800-pound section of the battleship USS Arizona to Amarillo, the final leg of a 3,600 mile journey from Hawaii to Texas. The relic is destined for the Texas Panhandle War Memorial in Amarillo. Because of the significance of the artifact, UPS is donating the cost of the move from Hawaii to Texas, and many of the UPSers involved in the move are military veterans.

 A UPS Freight truck, with UPS driver and Air Force veteran Burt Robinson behind the wheel, will be escorted on the 125 mile trip from Lubbock to Amarillo by law enforcement, as well as Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles. Builders Transportation has donated the use of a flatbed trailer, allowing the crate with the ship section inside to be visible the entire journey. The procession will make a short stop at the Pilot Travel Center in Tulia, Texas, where Pilot will support the delivery with refreshments for the escorts.


 The USS Arizona was sunk during the Pearl Harbor surprise attack on Dec. 7, 1941, launching the United States into World War II. 1,177 sailors and Marines died in the explosion and fire. It was the greatest single loss of life of any ship in Navy history. The section of the Arizona – blackened, burned steel plate and part of the battleship’s wooden deck — was part of the Arizona’s boat deck in the superstructure of the ship. The boat deck was removed in the 1960s to make way for the memorial built across the ship’s sunken hull.


 The crate moved through UPS’s integrated network using multiple modes of transportation. The shipment departed Honolulu on June 21 onboard a UPS cargo jet flown by two former Navy pilots. In California it was transferred and moved by rail to Dallas. UPS Freight picked up the artifact earlier this week and moved it to Lubbock, and will complete the last segment of the trip to Amarillo Saturday.

 The shipment will arrive at the Randall County Event Center in Amarillo, where the crate will be opened during a short ceremony. The relic will be available for the public to see on Saturday, and later will go on permanent display at the war memorial. They are expected to arrive at 11am. Randall County Judge Ernie Houdashell will MC ceremony.

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