Paducah First Graders Publish Their Own Book!

Students pictured:  Back L to R — Pyper Wiley, Jordin Rodriguez, Quintin Ramos, Jordan Pina.
Holding book — Macee Garcia.
Students not pictured are Paityn Bell, Aiden Garibaldi, and Anyeya Pleasant.


What happens when you send eight tiny elves home with eight tiny first graders?  You get a book full of elfish adventures courtesy of some amazing little minds!  This is what Karen Elliott’s first grade class in Paducah did.  Mrs. Elliott received an email from Studentreasures Publishing with an offer to put class stories into a bound book.  She presented the idea of writing a Christmastime story about elves to her class.  “I thought it would be fun,” said Macee Garcia.  “I couldn’t wait to take my elf home and catch it doing funny things,” Jordan Pina added.

Each child took a stuffed elf home and had parent help to write a story and take a picture of their elf having an adventure.  Pyper Wiley’s elf, who she named Jack Snowflake, watched a movie and had drinks and popcorn with her at a slumber party.  Sam Sparkle, Jordin Rodriguez’s elf, was hungry and went fishing in a pond of Goldfish crackers.

After leaving the students’ houses, the elves met at the school to find their way back to the North Pole.  At school, the elves cooked burgers, hotdogs, and bacon and eggs, took a bubble bath and sipped hot cocoa, and read a funny book about another elf.  Finally the elves sent a letter by courier pigeon to Santa asking for help.  Santa sent Blitzen the reindeer to bring the elves home.

Elliott sent the finished writing kit to the publisher, and received the bound books in a few weeks.  One book was presented to the school library for others to enjoy.  “The book was a huge success and a fun class project,”  Elliott said,  “I am so proud of my first graders!”  Quintin Ramos added, “I had fun writing this story about elves in Paducah.  I might want to be an author someday.”  He said, “I wish I could be famous!”

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