Magnificent millinery in Matador


The most famous Easter bonnet in Motley County is pictured in Eleanor Mitchell Traweek’s history of Motley County, “Of Such As These.”

Mrs. Leonora Luckett is the great-grandmother of local resident,Carter Luckett. The Lucketts have lived, farmed and ranched in Motley County for five generations.

“Mrs. Jack Luckett was one of the women in early-day Matador whose attire was always in vogue. Perhaps the hat she is wearing in the photo is the one involved in this story: A few years after the turn of the century, Mrs. J.L. Moore had a millinery shop in the back of Mr. Luckett’s store. Twice a year in the spring and fall, she made trips “to market” to the fashion centers of the day—Kansas City and even as far as St. Louis. Here she observed the prevailing styles, and purchased plaited silk, wide ribbons of moiré and taffeta, Ostrich plumes, Canton crepe—all the materials she would need for the hats she would make up in the latest mode when she returned home. After one such trip she fashioned a chapeau with Mrs. Luckett in mind. It was the talk of the town—a creation à la Parisienne—and all the ladies stopped by the store to see and admire it.”

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