BACK STAGE When the lights go out


When the lights go out


The roads were still covered with ice on Wednesday when I started making my way from the Texas Spur headquarters to the Silverton post office to deliver the paper. As I approached Quitaque, I realized I was running low on gas and had no cell service. 

I made it there, but no place was open to fill up. Mr. Dave and Mrs. Sharyl Gamble saved me and Levi from a cold afternoon with no fuel. It was just fortunate for us that Dave was there with a gas can. The power was out across 86 from Silverton to Turkey and down 70 from Matador to Dickens. 

On my way back through Roaring Springs, I saw two men helping Mr. Dean Osborn carry a heater from a house and load it into the backseat of a truck to warm another home. Over the weekend, I saw trucks along the roadside and people working to get the power back on. Food was delivered to neighbors. First responders were on call to drive ambulances and fire trucks. 

When the lights go out, a sense of community is what enables us to get to the source of the problem, energizes us to share resources, and pushes us to overcome difficult times together. 

Thank you to the Gambles and the Osborns, and so many others who contribute to our strong Caprock communities. 

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