2020 Letters to Santa Special Section, week of Dec. 17

2020 Letters to Santa Special Section, week of Dec. 17

Dear Parents, Families, Friends, and Educators of our Texas Caprock Country school kids,

The Caprock Courier newspaper is pleased to continue our annual tradition of publishing your pre-K through grade 5 youngsters’ Christmas wishes—even in a pandemic year when we know that teaching and learning have been greatly disrupted.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to every one of you who has played a part in their support networks this year, and who will continue to do so after the holiday break.

We recognize that it’s an extra task for you to help them compose their yearly letters, and we want to say thank you for your help! If we haven’t always been able to decipher a name, we apologize. And on occasion we’ve omitted certain information that seemed private among famillies. In some cases, if we haven’t figured out what toy or gift the writer was describing, we’re sorry for any errors we have made there, too—but we trust that you have a pretty good idea what the wishes and wants of your little (and not-so-little) ones are.

We hope Santa is generous to all of you. And our wish for every one of you is for happiness, good fortune, and most of all, good health in the coming months.

If we’ve missed anyone, please send us your letter and look for it in the December 24 issue.

Thank you for reading and supporting The Caprock Courier!      —The Editors

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