House candidate Spiller barnstorms 22 District 68 counties

Spiller candidate visit Paducah

COURTHOUSE STEPS HD68 candidate David Spiller of Jacksboro, along with son Reid, who also works in the family law firm, made campaign stops last week in Paducah and other locales in the western portion of the district. | TEXAS SPUR / CAPROCK COURIER

House candidate Spiller barnstorms 22 District 68 counties


The steps of the county courthouse at nightfall might seem an unusual place for a stump speech in January, but for David Spiller of Jacksboro, it was one of the few gathering spots available on short notice if you had to hit 22 far-flung counties in a brief span of days.

Last Wednesday Spiller, a Jacksboro attorney and a Republican candidate for the special election in Texas House District 68, made stops at several courthouses to meet with voters in the region, discussing his platform and hearing their concerns.

Describing himself as a rural conservative, Spiller cited his support for right to life, lower taxes, and second amendment positions. He’s looking to pursue legislative action for rural schools and hospitals, and the high-speed internet coverage that is essential to remote learning, telemedicine and economic development.

Having served as Jacksboro city attorney for 33 years and general counsel to the Jack County Hospital District for 30 years, Spiller feels he has a history of working for people and the experience and knowledge to represent them in Austin—and he has the endorsement of former Texas governor and U.S. energy secretary Rick Perry, he said.

Cary Mayo  and his wife, Diana, of Paducah, came to the Cottle County courthouse square to hear Spiller out and express his hope for the state’s energy industry to remain strong. “I’ve voted in every election since I was 18,” he said. “But as a citizen I want to be more involved.”

Spiller, who said he had represented landowners in some 200 eminent domain cases,  supports fair treatment of landowners. He described the most pressing concerns in this legislature as redistricting and local control, two matters he’s prepared to tackle immediately.

“I advocate for a living every day,” said Spiller, “and that’s what I’ll do for the district.”

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