Payne Pharmacy aims to continue providing vaccine

by Liz Adams

When rural pharmacies were encouraged to plan to participate in the distribution of the vaccine back in October, Payne Pharmacy in Floydada completed the application and took all the necessary steps to become a provider. Denise Payne said she felt it was an important service for those in Floyd and Motley Counties who would have difficulty traveling and waiting in long lines to get the vaccine elsewhere. Payne explained that if her pharmacy couldn’t offer the vaccine, she was afraid there would be nowhere nearby to get it.

“If we don’t make it available here, who will?” asked Payne, who said she was disappointed that the pharmacy had only received 100 doses. The first shipment arrived on January 5. All of the doses were given in just two days. According to Payne, she had hoped four or five times that many doses would be sent.

A waiting list began months ago, but patients are given priority based on age and vulnerability. Payne said that anyone can call to be added to the waiting list. Each person on the list will receive the vaccine by appointment when new shipments arrive, but Payne said she does not know when that will be.

“We have reordered twice, and we are waiting for more to arrive,” said Payne.

She expressed concern about protecting unsuspecting patients from scams using the pharmacy’s name to collect private information. It has been reported to her that the pharmacy’s business phone number has been misused to take advantage of elderly patients.

“Don’t give personal information to people you don’t know on the phone,” she warned, reiterating that patients are welcome to hang up and call back, rather than take a chance. Any customer who doesn’t recognize a voice on the phone or feels uneasy should simply end the call without divulging any details about themselves.

For more information about avoiding this scam and for updates on the next vaccine shipment, check in with Payne Pharmacy on Facebook.


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